"Happy Relax & Spa" style Welcome to Traditional Thai Massage


Balance the flow of energy

Traditional Thai massage places great emphasis on the "Sen" energy lines, which are integral to yoga practices. By adjusting the flow of energy in the body and restoring harmony, this massage technique effectively promotes tension relief and reduces anxiety, creating a balance between the body and mind.


Improve physical discomfort.

Thai traditional massage is known to effectively address physical ailments by working on the deep muscles and tissues in the body. This massage technique can help alleviate muscle stiffness caused by fatigue and stress, improve blood circulation, and enhance metabolism to maintain overall physical health and wellbeing.


Maintaining good health.

In addition to addressing existing physical concerns, Traditional Thai massage is an effective way to maintain good health and prevent future ailments. Regular treatments can enhance muscle condition, reducing the risk of injury and disease. Additionally, the inclusion of breathing exercises can promote relaxation and alleviate stress.


Foam wash body massage.

A foam wash body massage involves the application of body soap and a fluffy whipped cream foam during the massage. Though some may feel shy, the experience of the therapist's gentle and delicate touch extending all over the body can be both pleasant and invigorating. In addition to treating specific areas like the shoulders, arms, and legs, this type of massage allows for full-body treatment while simultaneously washing the body.